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Off Grid Residential Solar Power Systems

Off Grid Residential Solar Power Systems

Solar system is the solution to solve customer's power problem by using sun power. According to different installed information and different power using, every system is different after design-off grid solar system ,on grid solar system ,hybrid solar system.

Product Details

Product Description:

This Off Grid Residential Solar Power Systems is mainly composed of a photovoltaic array composed of solar cells, a solar charge and discharge controller, a battery pack, an off-grid inverter, a DC load, and an AC load. The photovoltaic array converts solar energy into electric energy in the presence of light, supplies power to the load through the solar charge and discharge controller, and simultaneously charges the battery pack. When there is no sunlight , the battery pack supplies power to the DC load through the solar charge and discharge controller. At the same time, the AC power through the independent inverter to supply power to the AC load.


  1. Off Grid Residential Solar Power Systems has simple structure, small volume and light weight, easy to use and maintain

  2. Easy to install and transport, short construction period.

  3. No radiation, no pollution, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection.

  4. Reliable quality, long service life at least for 25 years.

  5. Off Grid Residential Solar Power Systems has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, and large power generation per unit area.

Product Details:

Solar Panel

Model: Poly

Maximum Power: 250W

Optimum Power Voltage: 31.02V

Optimum Operating Current: 8.06A

Open Circuit Voltage: 36.99V

Short Circuit Current: 8.26A

Cell Efficiency: 17.13%

Module Efficiency: 15.40%





Communication: CH235 

Protection degree: IP20


Max.DC Voltage(V): 40-57

Input Voltage: 48VDC,

Operating Temperature: -20℃ to +40℃

Efficiency: 90%

Output Voltage: 220±3%,50HZ/60HZ

Size: 440*286*43.5MM




Communication: CT232

Protection degree: IP20

Efficiency: 93%

Voltage range(v): 58-75VDC

Controller: 48V,30A (Reference)

Size: 440*170*500MM

Weight: 9.8KG



Power: 12V,200AH (Reference)

Cycle use: 300cycles at 100% DOD

500 cycles at 50% DOD

1000 cycles at 30% DOD

Work Capacity Temperature: -20℃ ~+85℃

Size: 410*177*365MM

Weight: 57.3KG


Mounting System

Material: Steel Q235B (Hot Dip Galvanized) 

Module Orientation: Landscape or Portrait  

Snow Load:1.6KN/M2 

Wind Load:60m/s 

Tilt Angle:5-60 °  

Foundation: Concrete Base  

Installation site: Flat Roof


Junction Box

Size: 1200* 800*600MM (Reference)

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