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The solar system produced by our company is a composite renewable energy power generation system. It integrates multiple energy generation technologies, such as system intelligence control technology. It uses solar panels and wind turbines to store the generated electrical energy into the battery pack. When the user needs to use electricity, the inverter converts the direct current stored in the battery pack into alternating current and transmits it to the user load through the transmission line.
The system is mainly composed of wind turbines, solar photovoltaic panels, controllers, batteries, inverters and the like. The proper configuration of the various components ensures that the system is very reliable. This system achieves a relatively stable output by utilizing the complementarity of wind and solar energy, and the system has high stability and reliability.
Through reasonable design and matching, using this system can achieve better social and economic benefits. During use, the system is free of air pollution, no noise, no waste, so it is a natural and clean energy source.
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