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This Solar Energy Products produced by our company have high module conversion efficiency. We use superior manufacturing techniques and our mainstream products have a positive tolerance of 0 to +5W. Our products are certified to withstand high wind loads and snow loads.
The anodized aluminum on the product is mainly used to improve the corrosion resistance of the product. In addition, we have added anti-reflection, high-transparency, low-iron tempered glass to this product, which has excellent performance in low light environments. Our products use high efficiency solar cell technology to provide better performance in low light conditions.
Our products are very easy to install. The pre-drilled holes in the aluminum frame can be quickly installed and fixed, and the PV panel diodes are pre-installed in the junction box. This series of products is very simple to upgrade. Its multiple panels can be connected in series for battery charging or grid-connected applications.
CHANGTIAN is one of the most professional Solar Energy Products manufacturers in China, specialized in wholesale and customized services. Buy bulk famous brands' Solar Energy Products made in China at cheap price from our factory here.