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The polysilicon produced by our company are important raw materials for manufacturing transistors and integrated circuits. It can be fabricated into a variety of semiconductor devices. Chips made of silicon have amazing computing power, and this double-sided polished silicon wafer is definitely the best choice for the market for lower cost and higher productivity requirements.
In the production of Polysilicon, we use the international top wire saw cutting equipment. Cutting line speed and pressure, under precise control, produce products with no cracks on the surface, wireless saw marks and no surface defects. The high quality wire saw technology greatly enhances the use of our products.
The products in this series produced by our company are the basic materials for photovoltaic products and other semiconductor components. High purity and high quality polysilicon are important materials for the production of silicon conductor components.
CHANGTIAN is one of the most professional Polysilicon manufacturers in China, specialized in wholesale and customized services. Buy bulk famous brands' Polysilicon made in China at cheap price from our factory here.